PS3 Move system like wii fitness

Okay, so I need to exercise more. I read all about the PS3 move and the games. I already have a PS3 so that is the way I will go I guess. It is $150 for what I want to get started. That really isn't bad considering I was looking at getting a new system before. I love games and I think playing one will be fun and make me want to exercise. I am going to bring home my hand weights too and start using them as well. I seem to be doing more things than sitting and watching TV but they all still involve sitting... like that won't work!



So here are the before pictures. I kept closing my eyes when the flash went off.. oh well.. I finally got them online.


Chewable food.. where for art thou?

*sighs* sippy dinners just are not good all the time. The paper I got says that a liquid is anything that can be drank through a straw. Believe you me I have been looking at my blender and trying to figure out how to make something drinkable.. I tell you what though, that doesn't sound to good once you think of hot dogs or eggs pureed and then made liquid. Like.. ewww.. so... I have had one shake today and just finished a glass of orange juice. Hubby made him some toast and never thought bread could look so darn good. Oh well... I just tell myself that it will be worth it and I only have 8 days left to do this. I know that it is still like liquids afterwards, but I also hear I won't want solid food then anyway. Ribs and taco just keep calling my name.. but I just laugh and turn away.. a single tear rolling down my cheek as I say good-bye to my friend, comfort food. It is all about eating to live.. just healthy crap so I won't over eat.


I want food!!!

Who cares about drinking meals? I want something to chew! Made some chicken broth.. oh joy.. LOL.. will probably just drink the shakes and some apple and orange juice for carbs.. can't wait till after surgery when I won't want to eat!

October 5th is the big day!

So it has been awhile but I have been trying to get approved for surgery. I finally got my date of Oct 5th! It was so fast that I didn't get to go to Jack in the Box before starting my liquid diet.

I was having issues with my diet before. I wanted to eat while I could. I was like saying good-bye to an old friend. I had quit losing weight but not gaining either. On the day I got my meds updated, is when I got the go a head to start the liquid diet. Between being excited and getting my meds which are a stimulent, I have been waking up real early and just go go go. I have formed a group for local crocheters and have been trying to get it off the ground. I have created and ordered some brochures, business cards, and other types of advertising. It was fun to create them but I shouldn't have spent the money.

So.. a liquid diet.. here we go! Don't have to wonder what I am going to eat all day. Fast and easy to prepare. It does taste yummy to me still. I want to chew something! I was thinking of getting some beef jerky and just chewing it awhile then spitting it out. I don't think I should try since I am sure some will go down to the soon to be shrunken tummy. Might get some gum though...


So far so good!

Okay.. got approved for everything as far as I know! The Dr. Shrink said she was sending in the paperwork saying I am fit to have surgery. The Nutritionist signed me off as well today. So just waiting for letter and then insurance okay for go ahead! So frustrated but it will be okay.. waited this long.. can wait a little longer..