October 5th is the big day!

So it has been awhile but I have been trying to get approved for surgery. I finally got my date of Oct 5th! It was so fast that I didn't get to go to Jack in the Box before starting my liquid diet.

I was having issues with my diet before. I wanted to eat while I could. I was like saying good-bye to an old friend. I had quit losing weight but not gaining either. On the day I got my meds updated, is when I got the go a head to start the liquid diet. Between being excited and getting my meds which are a stimulent, I have been waking up real early and just go go go. I have formed a group for local crocheters and have been trying to get it off the ground. I have created and ordered some brochures, business cards, and other types of advertising. It was fun to create them but I shouldn't have spent the money.

So.. a liquid diet.. here we go! Don't have to wonder what I am going to eat all day. Fast and easy to prepare. It does taste yummy to me still. I want to chew something! I was thinking of getting some beef jerky and just chewing it awhile then spitting it out. I don't think I should try since I am sure some will go down to the soon to be shrunken tummy. Might get some gum though...

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