Chewable food.. where for art thou?

*sighs* sippy dinners just are not good all the time. The paper I got says that a liquid is anything that can be drank through a straw. Believe you me I have been looking at my blender and trying to figure out how to make something drinkable.. I tell you what though, that doesn't sound to good once you think of hot dogs or eggs pureed and then made liquid. Like.. ewww.. so... I have had one shake today and just finished a glass of orange juice. Hubby made him some toast and never thought bread could look so darn good. Oh well... I just tell myself that it will be worth it and I only have 8 days left to do this. I know that it is still like liquids afterwards, but I also hear I won't want solid food then anyway. Ribs and taco just keep calling my name.. but I just laugh and turn away.. a single tear rolling down my cheek as I say good-bye to my friend, comfort food. It is all about eating to live.. just healthy crap so I won't over eat.

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