4 days, 4 hours, 18 min... till I need to be at the hospital

Saw the surgeon today. He had an operation on his phone and showed it to us. It was way cool. I feel even better having seen it. There is this stapler that has little teeny tiny staples that it places in two rows and then cuts in between causing the two sides to be stapled together neatly. We watched the stomach being detached from the little egg sized stomach and the intestine being reattached further down and the other end brought up to the new and improved, though much smaller egg sized stomach. The doctor then puts extra sutures where the intestine and the new stomach are attached just to double up the strenth of the attachment since gravity will be playing it's part.

I don't have to do the nasty cleansing out that the patients had to do a year ago. oh joy oh joy... *doing a little happy dance* I know they will feel cheated when they hear that one at work since several of my fellow workers had this procedure by the same doctor a year or more ago and had to do it. I just have clear liquids the day before and nothing after midnight.

After surgery I will be able to take my daily pills whole. Dr. M stated that they should never be crushed since they are all on a time release system. His confidence was very soothing as well. He kept reasuring me that it will be fine.

I am to arrive at the hospital at 5:30 in the a.m. After getting into the gown of their choice, getting hooked up to an IV, talking to the anesthesist, and doing all those other tasks, Dr. M said he wouldn't be surprised if we went into surgery around 7 am. He said if all goes as planned, he will be done by around 8 am. Then proceded to tell the Hubby that if he is in surgery for up to 2 hours it is still okay but at 3 hours... then he will know something went wrong. I didn't like hearing that part though. It reminded me of all the papers I had just initialed that says I understand how a number of incidents may cause my death... hmmm....

So here I am all ready to go have this done. No second thoughts... no regrets... just wanting it done so I won't want to eat. My stomach is killing me... Liquid diets suck.

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