Houston, all lights are green for GO!

Did the pre-op yesterday which consisted of blood taking and talking to the anesthesiologist. Had to bring all med bottles with me and since I buy my fish oil and calcium in large quantity bottles, I packed them all in a lunch carrier. It was easy to carry and I didn't look like a pill pusher while walking around the hospital.
I would have thought that I would be nervous by now but I am not. I am not dreading the future without fried foods. I am not scared on how it will be. I guess I am determined at this point to have this procedure and move on. I am looking at buying the Move game for PS3 to be used as my exercise venue. I have not done well in that area at all. I am moving more but not actually exercising like I should.
I can't remember if I posted my numbers earlier but my starting weight was 241. I am 5'1" and that puts my BMI at 48. I do have a lot of muscle, but mostly abdominal fat as seen in the before pictures. I weighed 217 just a minute ago which puts my total weight loss so far at 24 un-needed pounds . yay! I can see my neck a little bit now but my tummy feels all bloated. Diet Coke is what I will miss the most since carbonation is a no-no. It expands the stomach making it larger thus able to hold more food. I am not doing all this to have bubbles burst my bubble!

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