A few days later...

Okay, so I have quit eating the yummy stuff. I like the Greek yogurt and the string cheese is good too! I have been working up my walking slowly. I haven't moved in way too long so I don't want to kill myself before the surgery. I have been putting the treadmill on a high incline so I won't get shin splints. My calves are still cramping up but I have gotten up to a whole 6 minutes straight walking and I have been doing it at a fast pace too! I am finding that I want to eat when I am not even hungry to just do it. I am still trying to figure out why. I am not bored but I guess a lot of it is just habit. I know this will be hard but I can do it and be stronger for it. I have quit smoking and drugs so what is eating except that I can't just stay away from it. There were donuts brought in at work, the soft sweet crispy creme ones and I didn't even have one! So it is a day by day thing but every time I pass up temptation, I tell myself how good I am! My will power is not the greatest so I will be hurting but then nothing worth doing is easy. I just tell myself how much I hate wearing the clothes I do, or just look in the mirror and see my ugly fat and that is enough to keep me going. I don't want to feel embarrassed anymore going out in public! Here is to me and my first days getting started.

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