So still seeing the nutritionist and was very disheartened that it showed on her scale I lost only 1 lb where at work is shows I lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks. I mean what is up with that? Soooooooooo... I still have to work at losing more weight before I can get approved for the surgery. I am only going to eat one meal a day and just drink the shakes for now to lose it and walk more... I am just so depressed over this but I won't let it get me down and out! I will just do better and not eat or drink anything next time I see her! LOL... no really, I have been good, counting my calories and protein. I have cut way back on my diet cokes since carbonation will be a thing of the past after surgery. OH.. I still love my chocolate shakes by 'Oh Yeah!' and plan on payday to get the other flavors too. If I get the power and make my own, I get 21 scoops for $34 where for $32 I get 12 cans ready made. The pre-mixed has lots more flavors but they are just too expensive for me! Hopefully the flavors will come to the powered too.

Been doing a lot of thinking and wondering just what am I doing! I am going to have a surgeon cut most of my stomach off and make a wee little one that will make me eat less for the next 6 months. The rest is up to me! I am getting impatient to get the surgery over with and get on with this but that just doesn't seem like the plan. My doctor's office sent over my medical records and weights and have a confirmation that it was sent yet somehow it didn't make it into my folder. Soooo I have to get that done again and hopefully it will find it's new home where it should be. I was to see the nutritionist in 2 weeks but she doesn't have an opening for another 3 weeks so it looks like I won't have surgery in mid August like I wanted... So I am now shooting for mid September.

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