And we go merrily along..

It has been awhile but alls that I am doing is walking, drinking shakes, and monitoring my food intake. I have lost 3 pounds every week now for 3 weeks. I bought the Vanilla and the Cookies n Creme OH YEAH! powdered shakes. They taste okay. The vanilla is alright but kinda bland but will be good in the long haul so that I don't get tired of the chocolate. The cookies n creme is better than vanilla but not as good as the chocolate but once again, it will keep me from getting tired of the chocolate. I have found that if I put some ice and water in the bottom of the shaker and then the powder and then add more ice and water, that it mixes better. If I put the powder at the bottom, then some sticks to the bottom and if I put it on the top, then some seems to stick to the top of the lid.. so middle it is! I bought three 2.2 pound jugs with 21 scoops per jug is enough to feed me for 3 weeks if that is all I eat! That isn't bad for $100! But I did buy some TV dinners too and spent about $22 on them but got low calorie, low fat, and high protein dinners that will last me 2 weeks if I eat one a night. It is so nice not having to think about what I am going to cook for dinner! I LOVE it. I don't need to pack a lunch either and since I like the shakes, I don't mind having them for work. I did bring string cheese and yogurt for breakfast today too though.

I am finding out that the more I walk, the less my calves hurt so that is good! I still am not thrilled about walking and really need to get a book to read while I do it. I am bored more than anything... wierd, huh?

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