Full steam ahead!

Okay so I didn't lose weight on 'their' scale but the one at work is still showing I did. I looked it up and maybe, just maybe it is because I last weighed myself in the morning there and this time I did it in the afternoon. Well, I am determined to show her (the nutritionist, Susan) that I can lose weight! I started by having a banana and a drink for breakfast and a drink for lunch. It is now after 6 pm and I am getting hungry but I think a shake will do it. I am going to go to lunch with peeps from work due to them paying for a Perfect Attendance luncheon and we are going to a Mexican restaurant, which just happens to be my favorite food in the whole wide world. Soooooo how do I order food in a restaurant? I am thinking a salad, oh yum.. NOT. I will just not eat all the chips & tortillas and watch the carbs and fats. I won't eat dinner tonight, just have a shake and just a shake for breakfast and dinner tomorrow and that should cover it. It is just too bad we can't have Margaritas at lunchtime on the company! LOL...

I have upped my walk time to 20 minutes today. My legs are getting so much better and I was actually tired from walking instead of stopping due to leg cramps. I also slipped in 8 minutes at break! Tomorrow I plan on walking home and will not only walk it off but sweat it off due to the heat! It is only a 20 minute walk from work to my apartment. I am hoping to start walking in the mornings to work too... that would get me in 40 minutes of walking per day!

OH, and on a side note, I have found out that excess protein that you put in your body tends to want to stay put, as it were... and I was told to get lots of fiber so that my green eyes don't turn brown! Next trip is to get some Metamucil so that I don't have to go through that stage of unhappiness!

I have worked out some stress in my life as well today so I am feeling very good emotionally and mentally. Due to stress being one of the reasons I want to eat, I am going from here on out to resolve any conflicts I have so that I can move on and not dwell on crap I don't need to trouble myself with. Taking care of myself is number one so that I can do this and better my outlook on life and get not only healthy physically, but also mentally & emotionally. It all ties in together and it is listing your priorities to get the job done correctly so that I won't have to do it over again from step one!

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