Exercise.. and exercise.... and...

Okay, so I have been exercising by walking on a treadmill. I have the incline set at 6 so I won't get shin splints and started at 5 minutes at 1.8 m/h. I got up to 5 minutes at 2 m/h and today I made it for 10 minutes at 2 m/h. Okay, so 10 minutes at a time isn't all that great but I am improving and that is what counts. My calves give out before I do so going 10 min all at once was great! I have walked home which takes just under 20 mins but I am limping by the time I get there. I am planning on buying the Wii fitness and do that too since I can combine my love of games with exercise. I can then reward myself by playing a sit down game only after I do a sports game. It will be a few months before I get one though... As far as they say if you exercise you have more energy, it is true from what I am finding out. Went to the store after work last night and walked all through the store several times.. actually like 5 times looking for healthy food. I really like the Greek yogurt that doesn't have any fat in it and was on sale and I bought a few TV dinners that are good for calories and protein. What is real nice, is that they are easy to cook and I don't have to figure out all the calories/carbs/protein stuff.

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