Okay... this is hard!

So here I have been watching what I eat... writing it all down.... and what happens but they are giving away free ice cream sundaes at work!! Chocolate, Strawberry, or Carmel syrup, Whipped Cream, and Nuts!! So.. out went the will power and in went the ice cream... Now I feel guilty as all heck and ask myself if it was worth it! I am still thinking on it... However, when I am walking that is when I really ask myself if all that greasy fattening food was still good, and then the answer is easy, NO WAY! I am looking at losing 100 pounds or just about 1/2 my body weight and I am sure my back will love me for it! Good thing is that I have upped my speed on walking and doubled the duration before my legs give out. Did I mention that my calves cramp up and then I am limping after a short walk? Well, I am hoping it gets better. I was told to drink Tonic Water every day by my Doctor... and the Nutritionist said to eat a banana. I am thinking of a Gin & Tonic with a twist of Banana... Kinda sounds good but then Alcohol is readily absorbed by the body straight into what I am trying to get rid of and there is no diet Gin that I know of.. so I guess just the banana & tonic will have to do.. I will let you know how that goes later! I am getting more energy where I am tending to walk a whole lot faster when I am walking and I am not content to just sit for hours and hours.. I want to move so that is real good. Went swimming for a bit today and I walked a lot in the water and stretched a lot too! I will be doing more of that too. It was very relaxing... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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