What another day brings...

So I have been drinking the protein shakes not because I should but because they taste so frickin good! I was like so surprised! I bought that shaker cup, put the whisk ball in, then ice, water, and a scoop of Oh Yeah Chocolate Shake powder and shake it up good! I really get into it and then I let it sit while I do my treadmill workout! I shake it some while walking.. and let it set. You see, I have bout filled it up with ice so I am letting it melt and make the shake ice cold! YUM! I then shake it once more when done walking and add a straw and enjoy.

Blogging... I have noticed that my blog is rather boring and not as pretty or busy as other blogs. I have added some blogs to follow that I think are upbeat and have an optimistic look on life. Everyone needs some way to find their own silver linings to their everyday encounters. I read one blog where I was totally able to connect to her personality and saw how she wrote was just wonderful! So I hope to spice this one up some in the following days.

One of the other blogs I read was about loving your inner-self and the inner-selves of others. I totally believe in this and it is nice to see such a young woman have that much energy promoting the thought to others.

I walked, counted calories and protein, and ate pizza today. Oh well... I just need to keep on going.. I guess telling yourself that you can reward yourself for losing weight by counter-acting that achievement by eating unhealthy is like giving an alcoholic a bottle of whiskey on his 30th day of no drinking! So, back to square one with my mind over food and don't beat myself up.

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