Making progress....

I have bought the blender cup that is a shaker cup with a whisk ball to work and am having shakes for lunch. I am still eating my Greek yogurt for breakfast and fruit for both breakfast and lunch. I LOVE the taste of the Chocolate Shake made by "Oh Yeah!" that is high 32 gm powdered protein drink. It is really good-n-tasty. My walking has improved and my calves are getting better and not hurting so much. So far so good! It is nice to feel my clothes getting a little looser and am looking forward to losing more weight. Sleeping hasn't been good lately but I contribute that to working a lot of Saturdays in a row and I am off my schedule. Next week I am quitting the carbonated drinks. The carbonation stretches out your stomach and it is not really good for you with all that acid and caffeine. I like water so water it is. I drink at least 32 oz a day after work and will be drinking 64 oz a day at work once I cut the diet coke out.

I have been doing more thinking on eating and how I look at it. It is kinda like putting fragrant lotion on my skin since it smells so good but I find I have to use so much more to get my skin as smooth as the less than fragrant lotions. So, is it really worth it to smell the lotion for a short time and have to replace it more often or just get the one that actually does the job and buy perfume for the fragrance. Eating good tasting food that is unhealthy has an immediate taste gratification that eating healthy less palatable foods do not.. but do I want to work harder to get the weight off just for that taste or do I want to eat healthy and lose weight faster and learn to get instant gratification through pride of working out and losing weight? That is why I think losing weight is so hard since it takes so long to see big results.

Writing down all that I eat is a hassle and a half. You have to admit to yourself what you ate and figure out what it cost you in calories, fat, and protein. It also lets you see where you can improve and how much more food you can eat that is low fat, calorie, and carb compared to the unhealthy foods. So I have to decide now that I get a set number of calories of how I am going to spend them. Should I ride it all on a Big Mac, Fries, and drink super sized or eat 4 times the food by volume before getting to my limit of calories. I just ask myself, "Is it really worth it?"

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