Protein Drinks...

Alrighty then.. to get the protein you need to survive on the low calories resulting from the surgery, you are told to drink protein drinks.. oh yummy... I have been looking and reading labels and looking at prices and reading reviews.. and then seeing that there is a whole slew of protein drinks out there. I have a list from the Nutritionist and I know what needs to be in the drinks to cover all the bases such as calorie and protein statistics. So, now that it is getting near, I go to the place where a girl at work goes and I buy my first 2 pound jug of powdered drink. Of course I bought Chocolate to start with. It is called Oh Yeah! and made right here in Charlotte, NC (I figure it should be fresh then!) Was thinking of mixing it with ice to make like a shake that would be cool too but I also bought the shaker cup to mix it with water at work too. It has a little whisk ball in it that mixes it better when you shake your cup. I longingly look at the 12 pack cases of the ready made stuff but found that the powder was about 1/3 the cost! So, powder it is. I am about to go try it but there is not much I can do if I don't like it seeing that I have 2 whole pounds of the stuff!

At work 3 girls and myself also joined a Wellness Challenge that our work sponsors. I weighed in at 137 last Monday and 134 this Monday... soooo.. I have lost more weight!! Yeah!! I tell you, just do some exercise then eat and you will not be as hungry! On the treadmill today I was also able to up my walk time from 5 to 8 minutes during break and 5 to 10 minutes during lunch! I was proud of myself for being able to go longer with my legs not giving out so soon so I guess it is helping to walk every day. I plan on walking home from work Thursday if it isn't raining, which takes me about 20 minutes. It is so hot though I don't know if I should... I could jump in the pool once I get here and cool off that way! Hmmmm.. sound like a plan to me.

I have been reading labels too.. Did you know that a piece of meat that is the size of a deck of cards has about 20 grams of protein??? Seeing that I am a meat eater, I was happy to find this out since I have to eat between 60 to 80 grams of protein a day. Protein also keeps you from getting hungry faster but you still have to watch the fat so I need to pick lean meats. I have found bacon is NOT a lean meat! LOL... I feel that eating healthy actually is letting me eat more food with a lower calorie count since pretty much all veggies that are not sautéed in butter or fried in grease are dirt low in calories. I also like to eat kidney beans plain and will experiment watching a movie to use them like popcorn! Little bits of food to pop in my mouth that is good for me. I do know that you should only put in a bowl what you want to eat so that you don't over eat buy placing the whole bag near you...

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