I lost 5 pounds

Well.. I have been exercising at work working up my stamina and watching what I eat and by their scales I have been gaining weight! I have been very discouraged but then I had my appointment with the nutritionist and found I have lost 5 pounds. I am now to figure out the calories, fat, protein, and carbs in each meal. I am to eat 60 - 80 grams of protein a day and about 300 calories per meal. I am planning to get my protein mix and vitamins next week and stock up on more string cheese and Greek yogurt. I have a team of 4 co-workers that are trying to lose weight too so I have that added support! I find I am wanting to snack on stuff... I am not hungry nor do I really care what it is. I just get up and doing something that gets my mind off of it and that is working pretty good. I am having issues with ice cream however. Here it is summertime, very hot outside, and I can hear it calling my name... So far so good.. but I am about to change my name! LOL Was around my sister-in-law on the 4th of July and she smokes but I just went into the pool and ignored her best I could. How can one person have so many vices that are not healthy? I am just taking each day for itself and praising myself for each hour I resist temptation!

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